Arashi...Thank you

So as you have all heard by now, Arashi have sent out a message to the FanClub members that they will be on hiatus at the end of 2020. My first reaction was of sadness and disbelief. Like was this true? But after seeing and confirming for myself, I tried to hold strong but was going through the stages of loss: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and eventual acceptance. 

Talking it with fans who also took the news hard helped us all cope with something that came out of nowhere but I have come to realise this. 

While my journey with you, Arashi has been around 2 years I am glad to have discovered you and being able to experience your joys, failures, laughter and that amazing bond you all share together, like we are friends not fans and national idols. I still have lots to see from your vast history of 20 years but you have come from such a long way. From being a lower priority on Johnnys list to becoming well loved national idols for Japan of all ages, you have grown up so much. I am grateful to share a part of this experience with you and for what the future brings. 

While you may be on hiatus in 2 years time, it is scary for you since you all have been together for so long, but, it is a chance to recharge and relax and find what you want in life. You don't need to be in the public spotlight anymore and us fans will be waiting and gladly welcoming you back when you are ready. 

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Happy Birthday Sho~ 37 years

Happy Birthday Sho! Time has flown so quickly, seeing you change from your "rebellious" years to someone who is more down to earth and a role model that many people respect and look towards. May you stay in good health since this is a busy year for yourself and for Arashi. Hope you have a wonderful year filled with amazing experiences ^_^ 

Ohno+ Disney Birthday Special!!

Happy Birthday Ohno! Time surely files. Have a wonderful, fantastic day being an amazing leader and bringing people together with your calmness. 

So to celebrate this occasion alongside with my birthday, ARASHI Translation and I collaborated together to bring you a documentary presented by Ohno about Disney. It is very interesting, learning more about the history of Disney and seeing the awe expressed by Ohno ^^


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Giver: Revenge's Giver Thoughts

So this drama, it does have promise but could have been executed in a better style. Also warning, this is a very bloody type drama, so not really for the faint hearted but if you want to see people die because of their wrong doings then it's right in your area.

The premise of this drama is that there is a company that helps people have revenge and mainly follows the story of Giver "Giba" (played by Yoshizawa Ryo) and other people in the company.

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Final Thoughts:
I have seen comments were they have dropped after the first episode and I do think it is fair, it could have been executed much better or have a more solid story right from the beginning. It is something more artsy style but I did stay for Giba's character and enjoyed the ride. I do see similarities to it being like Hell Girl but it is more Giba trying to understand human emotions while committing revenge. The ending was quite open. Despite how lacking it was, I kinda want a SP or something to wrap it up, though maybe with a different writer/ director, one that has clearer direction of where to take it.

5x19 Happy Arashi Anniversary!

Happy anniversary Arashi! Congratulations on your 19th anniversary and thank you for all the goodness and happiness you bring to so many people intentionally and unintentionally. All of you are all so special to each and everyone of us and may you continue onwards on your journey safely with joy, happiness and in good health. 

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To Our Youngest, Happy Birthday MJ ~ 35 years

Time has flown by so quickly. We are already at MatsuJun's birthday and he has turned 35 years old! Happy belated birthday MJ, thank you for just being yourself showing your cool, stoic, diva and dorky sides to us fans! The concerts you create are out of this world and we are all looking forward to the next one. You put your heart and soul into everything that you make and we really appreciate with what you do just to make it enjoyable for your group and for us.

May you have a wonderful birthday doing things you enjoy and not overwork yourself too much. Stay healthy and happy! 

Credits to the original uploader ^_^

Ep 10 Black Pean (Wrap up)

And we come to an end of an epic drama. Lots of tears shed for the loss of Tokai.  


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It was a wonderful wrap up of the entire season, though I do wish there was more. Another season or a SP please!!! I will miss Nino acting as a smirking, tired and devilishly handsome demon like doctor. 

Who knows, maybe he might return or not, maybe causing more trouble in another hospital, solving problems for 100 million yen.

Happy Birthday Nino (35 years)!!

Happy Birthday to a talented man with a snarky attitude to match ^_^ He may seem  very lazy and relaxed but he puts effort into everything for himself and for us fans. May he have a wonderful day and an amazing, adventurous future (though probably in his games...) 

So be amazing as always, the 2016 Japanese Academy award winner, 2017 host of Kouhaku winner, Hollywood actor and eternally 17 (ish) Ninomiya Kazunari! 

Black Pean Initial Thoughts

Looking forward to Black Pean and to see how it goes! Ep 1 is very promising being introduced to all the characters and really enjoying Nino playing a dark and ambiguous character, Tokai who does care for his patients in his own way.

While some of the medical scenes do seem a little dramatic (2 blood fountains in 2 different operations) it did convey a sense of urgency.

Interested to learn more about each character's background.

Ep 2 was also very good getting to see some character development of Sera and ad-libs done by Nino :D